The fastest growing startup companies are no longer just located in Silicon Valley, Austin or Boulder. All over America we are beginning to see the rapid development of startups into high-growth firms. Startups across the nation are developing in a variety of industries, from retail and healthcare to entertainment and education. They are using technology to solve problems and to create innovative products and services.

In each one of our districts and states, there are dozens of entrepreneurs who have established high-growth startups. Startup companies act as entrepreneurial leaders, innovators, and job creators within our communities.

That’s why we want you to participate in Startup Day Across America taking place on August 1st. We encourage you to visit at least one startup company in your district or state. Your visit will raise awareness of startup activity and job creation and help catalyze support for your local entrepreneurial community. It will also allow you to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation to the American economy.

Last year, over 75 Members of the House and Senate from both parties participated in Startup Day Across America. Events for Startup Day Across America occurred across the entire country. This year, we hope to make waves both locally and nationally.